What makes Alitalia Airline Great?

By: Mary Briscoe
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What makes Alitalia Airline Great?

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There are so many great European Airlines operating right now, and Alitalia Airlines happens to be one of them. The airlines’ official hub is Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport, Rome. Alitalia offers service to 95 destinations, out of which 27 are within Italy, and the remaining 67 are scattered all over the world. The Italian airline has gone through its fair share of problems, including becoming on the verge of bankruptcy. Things turned around for the airline after it started making smart decisions such as reducing state ownership to 51%. Now Alitalia Airlines has a market value twice that of its potential European partner, KLM. So what makes Alitalia Airline great? Read on to find out.

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1. Best Airline Cuisine For Five Consecutive Years

In 2017 Alitalia Airline won best airline cuisine for five years running. This is a huge accomplishment especially when a lot of airlines all over the world try to reduce their spending’s, and in-flight cuisine is the first thing that gets affected. Alitalia’s efforts were recognized when it made an effort to revive their in-flight service by promoting Italian food and wine.

The dishes that are served during the flight stand out because of their refinement, authenticity, and quality, which is a true representation of the Italian character. The delicious food in business class is inspired by traditional regional cooking.

Winning the best in-flight cuisine for five years straight says a lot about the airline and its improved service. They have set the bar high for all the other airlines.

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2. Alitalia Airline Business Class

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Alitalia Airline runs two types of long haul air crafts, which includes Airbus A330-200 and Boeing 777-200ER. Seats in the business class are arranged in a staggered 1-2-1 configuration, with only just twenty seats on A330 business class, and thirty seats on the 777. All of the seats in the premium cabin include a side table. The seats are comfortable and also have a bed mode. The bedding is provided by the cabin crew in the form of a comforter and a pillow.

Amenities provided by the airline are from the designer brand Bulgari, which offers all of the essentials. Having such a premium design house design the business class amenities sets the airline apart from its counterparts. It is definitely not your average business class kit. The entertainment is outstanding as well.

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3. The Most Punctual Airline In The World

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Reports published by FlightStats stated that in 2017 Alitalia was the third airline in Europe and sixth in the international line-up of carriers in terms of punctuality. This year the airline has ranked the most punctual international carrier in the world. Back in January of 2018, 91.89% of flights landed on time according to FlightStats. The airline focuses on improving and maintaining every aspect of their service, and punctuality is definitely one of the things that have improved since last year.

If you’re planning on using the airline for your next holiday, we recommend that you buy Alitalia miles in order to save money on the airline ticket. The Mileage Club sells airline miles as low as 1.65 cents per mile, so make the wise investment and save money on your Alitalia airline ticket.