US ranks as ‘top destination’ for summer travelers due to ‘dollar-euro parity’

Looking ahead to the holiday and winter travel season, Virtuoso revealed the top summer destinations for luxury and experimental vacations that could have high demand in the coming months.

“We’re seeing that the US continues to be a top destination, not just for American travelers, but for outbound travel from other countries, people coming to the US to visit,” Virtuoso Vice President of Global Public Relations Misty Belles told FOX Business ‘ Dagen McDowell Wednesday.

On “Mornings with Maria,” Belles broke down the report which ranked the US as the No. 1 country destination. Seven out of ten of the top picks were located in Europe, with Italy, France and Greece ranking among the top five.

While a combination of factors has contributed to the American and European travel surge, Belles said 87% of survey respondents have felt encouraged by the “dollar-euro parity.”

“The fact that the dollar is so strong is what’s [incentivizing] them to get back to Europe, and right now,” Belles said. “So you’ve got this excess savings, this wealth factor that comes into play as well, and then you just have people who are tired of looking at their own four walls at home and are eager to get out and see something else.”

Virtuoso’s analysis also found that 65% of travelers aren’t deterred by recent airline delays and airport complications.

A new report found the United States to be the top summer travel destination due to Euro-dollar parity.
A new report found the United States to be the top summer travel destination due to Euro-dollar parity.
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“There’s so much pent-up demand. People are so eager to get back at it and to make up for the two and a half years that they lost in travel time,” Belles said. “So, no, it did not slow people down and they were absolutely traveling, and they’re going to continue to travel into the fall and holiday season as well.”

As the popular destinations become more crowded and reservations fill up, the expert pointed out a rising trend in exploring the road less traveled.

“What’s really happened universally across the board is that people are looking for the less-traveled destination, and that does include some of the lesser known national parks,” Belles noted. “And in some cases, those are really even in your own backyard.”