Traveling To Philippines Don’t Forget Go To This Place

Philippines is a country that has a variety of unique and beautiful tours, if you come here make sure the right destination for the tour, many tourist attractions must be visited. One of the hidden paradises in the Philippines that must be visited is:

The Chocolate Hills

One of the tourist attractions in the Philippines is quite interesting even this place is one of the icon pride of tourism in the Philippines. The Chocolate Hills tour is a hill-filled tour that forms like a bowl and in a green grass. if you’ve ever watched Teletubies must know what hill.

Named The Chocolate Hills because if the dry season of green grass covering the hill will change color to brown and resembles a famous brand of candy. that’s why this place is called The Chocolate Hills. You will not expect the number of hills there, all reaching 1700 hills and the average height up to 30 – 50 meters, but there is a higher hill which reaches up to 120 meters high.

In addition to The Chocolate Hills, the Philippines also keeps the best attractions of the beautiful beaches including Puerto Galera, Puerto Princesa Underground River Goa, and Banaue Rice Terraces you should also go to, the charm of the alm and the beauty of some of the sights is very beautiful and get a choice of special liveaboard philippines if you are visiting for a vacation here. Here are some islands with beautiful beaches that you deserve to visit:

El Nido

Along the cluster of Bacuit Island, north of Palawan City, lies an amazing limestone formation. One of the islands in the Bacuit cluster that is worth a visit is El Nido which has many beautiful beaches. Although the island is very beautiful, but it costs a lot to reach this island. Not to worry, you have several options to visit the beaches that only takes about an hour from the city center. To the south for 20 minutes, you will find the beach with the best sunset view, namely Marimegmeg beach which is also known as Las Cabanas Beach.


To go to the island which is shaped like a banana is not difficult. International flights from Hong Kong or Singapore fly directly to Cebu City. Close to the airport in Mactan Island, you will have a family resort with luxurious amenities. The beaches of Mactan Island are all amazing, so rent a boat to take you to the Bohol Strait, where there are several white sand beaches. If you have plenty of time, try a 3 hour trip to the north end of the island. From here, you can use the boat to reach Malapascua Island, where there is a white sand beach Bounty and feel the sensation of diving with sharks. And if you are interested in diving with sharks you can visit divebooker site.

South Negros

If you want to enjoy several beaches in one trip, then you should visit South Negros. Fly to Dumaguete, the capital of Negros Oriental, and within an hour you will arrive at Apo Island. Apo Island is one of the diving spots with relatively low cost accommodation.


The most beautiful beach in the Philippines has become a reference for many tourists to visit. The most beautiful beach in Barocay, White Beach, has become a famous beach for beach festivities. Although crowded, this beach is still quiet compared to Kuta Beach and Ko Samui Beach. You can still escape from the daily fatigue here.