Tips on traveling around Europe by train

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Traveling around Europe by train can be an exciting choice for tourists, the location of the station in the heart of the city and close to various attractions.

Traveling around Europe by train is one of the best ways for you, tourists who are visiting there. Europe itself is known as countries that have a tourist culture using railroad modes.

This can be seen by the rise of inclusive train tickets, such as the Eurail Pass, which allows passengers to visit 28 European countries in one trip.

Not only that, traveling around Europe by train also has many advantages. Among the advantages is the location of the station which is generally located in a crowded area, in contrast to aircraft whose airports are usually located far from the city center.

By road trip by train will take you, the tourists directly to the heart of the city with various tourist attractions

When you have decided to go around Europe by train, here are some tips that you can make a reference.

1. Time Zone

Pay attention to the time zone that is crossed by the train, so don’t wait too long or miss the train.

Different time zones when riding a train also makes jet lag more pronounced, so the body needs to plan adequate breaks. If you have to change stations or trains, read the schedule carefully.

2. Barometric Pressure

Train travel on the European continent is not impossible that will cross the hills or mountains. Get ready to experience ringing, dizziness or cold ears when taking such a route.

Breathing fresh air in an open car can help the problem.

3. Ticket Booking

Purchase of train tickets in Europe can also be done in advance. Instead of inconvenience at the station, it is better to buy a ticket before departure through the official website of the train service.

In a busy country like France, Italy or Spain, an initial purchase should also be made by booking a bench.

4. Select Train Route

Tip Around Europe Take a Train, first use a German rail pass.

German Rail Pass or France Rail Pass has one ticket service to all regions in Germany or Paris that can be used by tourists.

If you choose to switch countries, tourists can buy Eurail tickets, because this train ticket can be used in 28 European countries. The choice of ticket duration starts from daily, weekly to monthly.

5. Lightweight Baggage

It’s very important to discipline yourself when packing luggage for a trip. Switching places while traveling will certainly be more practical when luggage is not an obstacle, especially if the choice is riding a train.

6. Select the Carriage

There are two types of passenger cars that are provided by train services in Europe; with bunk beds or bunk beds.

If traveling far and midnight, tourists can choose a sleeper train that provides carriages with one to three beds. Those who come in roll groups can choose a couchette car.