Tips for Decorating a Short-Term Apartment Rental

If you’re renting an apartment and you don’t plan to stay there for a long period of time, you probably don’t want to spend a lot of money on decorations. Most people wouldn’t. Although you don’t want to break the bank decorating a temporary apartment, you don’t have to live in a space that doesn’t feel like a home. Fortunately, you can do both – save money and create a comfortable home environment. The first thing to do is use whatever belongings you already have before buying anything else. If you make any purchases, it’s important to keep them down to a minimum. 

If you’re the creative type, you probably have a knack for taking very little and making it look substantial. Likewise, some people have a talent for decorating an apartment on a budget. Just because something is inexpensive, doesn’t mean it has to look cheap. There are simple ways to achieve your goal. For instance, if you’re moving into a space that isn’t already freshly painted, that’s something you can do without spending a lot of money. This can be achieved by having a painting party with friends. Most rentals are already painted, so it shouldn’t be an issue unless you want to change the color. Just keep in mind that you might end up paying a fee when you move out of the rental if there are stipulations regarding paint. You can contact any apartment rental company woodbridge va to get clarification.

A budget friendly way to personalize the furnishings that you already have is by spending a small amount of money to purchase satin flowers that can be put in vases throughout your apartment. Inexpensive satin flowers are not what they used to be. These days you can find flowers that look quite attractive and brighten up a room. While picking up flowers, you can also look for an inexpensive statement rug because it’s a way to drastically change the appearance of a room on a budget. The rug should be placed in the room where you spend the most time entertaining because it will give the room character. 

One of the most attractive and practical ways to liven up a room without spending a lot of money is with mirror groupings. Specially, you can purchase four to six inexpensive mirrors that align with your aesthetic and place them on the living room wall. By grouping the mirrors together, you cultivate an artistic feel. Since mirrors reflect light, they tend to make a room look larger. This is an effective and popular way to decorate without spending a lot of money. In fact, professional home stagers use this method to help sell homes all the time. If it works well enough to sell homes, then it’s probably good enough to furnish your temporary apartment. They key is creativity and using either what you have or can afford to beautify your living space.