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Land Of Smiles Or Tourist Trap?

Wiki TravelThe last time I went to Thailand, I did something daring. No, not eating ants, boxing with ladyboys, or getting cheap cosmetic surgery. I went with out a guidebook. No Lonely Planet, no Rough information, not even a skimpy Fodor’s or Let’s Go. Instead, I trusted my destiny to the World Wide Web. The result was very nearly a disaster.

The following pages then proceed to perform awkward authorized gymnastics with the purpose of claiming that their lawsuit is just not in regards to the future Wikimedia website, but the defendants’ one time swing at deceiving” of sending e-mails to Wikitravel customers. No, that argument does not make any sense to me both, however obviously they’re attempting to furiously backpedal from getting the Foundation involved and making it seem to be their beef is solely in opposition to Holliday and Heilman.

Lack of funding. That cash is unlikely to return …

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