Travelers, residents looking forward to Buc-ee’s coming to Glynn County

GLYNN COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) – After word that a large travel center was coming to Glynn County, travelers and residents alike began to speculate about what company it could be.

Last month, WTOC found paperwork showing a corporation called “Buc-ee’s Brunswick, LLC” was freshly set up, hinting at one coming to the area.

Now, economic leaders in Glynn County have officially said they’re working with the popular Buc-ee’s chain to build one there.

Buc-ee’s will soon be the newest addition to exit 42 along I-95 in Glynn County. Travelers along I-95 say they’re looking forward to it.

“I’m super excited! That’s so awesome.”

Travelers at the Golden Isles Georgia Welcome Center, just a few miles down from where the Buc-ee’s would be, say the future location of the popular gas station chain is perfect.

“It breaks up the trip, which is great when you have kids, which we do. And, it’s just nice, you have all the options, food snacks, shopping, gas, and it’s closer,” said Meagan Merlen.

Glynn County has agreed to invest $3 million for improvements to the exit. Officials with the Golden Isles Development Authority say this money will be repaid to the county through something called a “payment in lieu of taxes,” or PILOT payment, from Buc-ees.

That means the company will pay the county back for all the road work in exchange for getting a tax break.

“All of the improvements, all of the dollars would be spent on public infrastructure and public right of ways, to improve the entire corridor for Buc-ee’s and the impending growth that would come after Buc-ee’s,” said Ryan Moore, the president and CEO of the Golden Isles Development Authority.

Officials say Buc-ee’s is expected to invest at least $30 million and will create 175 jobs.

“It’s going to be great, it’s huge for us. Exit 42 on I-95 is one of the last undeveloped interchanges in the state, there’s nothing there currently.”

Some travelers had plans to visit the next closest Buc-ee’s location, which is all the way in Florida.

“My wife is about to have her first experience in about an hour. She’s heard all about it as the week has gone on, so she’s dying to see one,” said Robert Tuckey.

And some are even making plans to visit this one once the new location is built.

“Whenever we travel, we’d probably come by here, and we’d stop.”

Glynn County economic leaders still haven’t released an official timeline for the project.

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