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Insurer Travelers Profit Beats As Investment Earnings Rise

TravelersTravelers features an icky, insidiously clever type of going undercover: agents from 100 years in the future take up residence in folks residing in the current’s bodies. It makes things morally sophisticated. Like when a heroin junkie watches a man die from a coronary heart attack and tearfully tells him that he knew it was coming.

The future-people come again to our time by way of T.E.L.L. (time, elevation, longitude, latitude) expertise that lets individuals do the soon-to-be-deceased body-jumping factor. Thousands of Travelers already stay within the current. There’s discomfiting morbid humor about host our bodies that morphs into commentary about how disposable any of our lives are, in service of bigger schemes and purposes. The Travelers appear to know anyone who will die on a given day in a given area, in order to coordinate rendezvous and mission goals. At first my reaction was wow, cool plot beat,” then …

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