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The Do’s And Don’ts

Travelling AloneWhether you’re travelling in Europe , travelling in India , travelling in North America, travelling in South America, travelling in one of many places not mentioned there, or travelling by train ; there’s quite a lot of things to contemplate while you’re off on your adventures. If you are travelling alone, also known as ‘going solo’, then there’s arguably much more stuff to contemplate. After all, you’re by yourself; it is simply you, your wits, and the world at your feet.

It started out actually shitty. My baggage didn’t arrive, and I travel tremendous gentle so my carry-on was my common purse that I had packed as if it was a daily day at home. I truly cried on the prepare platform going into the city. Then I needed to spend my first few hours scrambling round looking for merchandise so I may take a bathe – I realized the …

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