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Warning In Wikitravel.Transnistria Closes Its Borders!

Wiki TravelI actually have been a contributor on Wikitravel for a long time now. I was not too frightened when Wikitravel was bought by Internet Brands (which has already shown interest in shopping for CouchSurfing ). But I have been annoyed by the lack of database dumps at Wikitravel for a very long time now.

Unable to scale people, we turned to scaling know-how instead:¬†instead of guide editing, why not automate the entire process instead? The feeble jaws of our engine had been less than the duty of digesting the entire of Wikitravel, but at Wikimania 2008 in Cairo I had been launched to German brainiacs PediaPress , whose fearsome mwlib parser beat the pants off ours and could eat everything of Wikipedia for lunch. They produced an superior demo of a Wikitravel guide, and subsequent 12 months I flew right down to the Frankfurt Book Fair, the place we …

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