Central Arkansas Pride responds to ‘Out Days’ cancellation at Travelers game | KLRT

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – An LGBTQ+ rights group pulls out of having a representative throw the first pitch at the Arkansas Travelers game Thursday night as part of its ‘Out Days’ event.

A spokesperson for Central Arkansas Pride said they originally planned for a drag queen to throw out the first pitch tonight, but they pulled out after learning it would need to be another member of the LGBTQ+ community instead.

“We picked someone that we felt represented the values ​​of our community and was a good role model,” said Zack Baker, Executive Director of Central Arkansas Pride.

Baker said the night was originally supposed to be part of the organization’s annual ‘Out Days’ event.

“The Travs said they didn’t feel this was the right time for us to do that to which we had to reply that this probably wasn’t the right time for us to do the event then,” Baker said. “We felt like if we were going to show up, we wanted to show up as our true authentic selves.”

The Arkansas Travelers responded with the following statement that says,

“The Arkansas Travelers have and always will be a place for ALL fans. We work with a number of 501c3 non-profits at Dickey-Stephens Park including hosting a Pride Night event in 2019 with Central Arkansas Pride. Although we have enjoyed working with them in preparation for an event in 2022, we respect and understand their decision to cancel their event this season. We will continue to create a safe and welcoming environment for all fans entering Dickey-Stephens Park and look forward to working with Central Arkansas Pride in the future.”

Baker said CAP is not against partnering up with the Arkansas Travelers again next year or another year in the future again for Out Days. He said he comes they can come to an agreement next time.