Benefits Of Air France Miles Programs

By: Mileage Geek
Categories: Air Miles, Airline Miles

Flying Blue – the loyalty program offered by European airlines Air France and KLM is one of the most popular programmes out there right now. This programme is quite famous for the ways in which you can earn miles, which quite limitless! You can also add to your miles by buying Air France miles from mileage brokers. And with Flying Blue, you can earn miles, use them the want you want, gain Experience Points and level up for more generous perks. The Flying Blue Programme is for everyone and has no limit to how many Miles you can earn. The benefits of this programme include:

1. Earn Miles in Several Ways:

The number of miles you receive will depend on the amount of money you spend, as well as your Flying Blue level. The price plus carrier charges will be multiplied by your Flying blue level will determine the miles you receive. You earn miles for every flight, no matter how long or short. Also, the amount paid while selecting the seat option, the a la carte menu, etc. also accounts for additional miles. You can earn miles through all partners of Flying Blue.

2. Use Those Miles:

The miles you earned through several ways can be used as a new form of currency! You can book flights with those miles, select and upgrade the seat of your choice, choose an a la carte menu, pay for the night at the hotel, rent a car, etc. And if you are following short of miles to pay for your ticket, you always have the option to purchase Air France miles from mileage brokers. Or, you can use the miles + cash combination to pay for your ticket.

3. Privileges:

Experience points (XP) determine your status. You start with the Explorer status and move up the ladder on every eligible flight you take with Air France or its partners. The more the XP you gain, the more will be the privileges and advantages you can access. And with the Explorer status, you start receiving the benefits from Day 1 itself. So, become a Flying Blue member today.

4. Flying With The Best:

Air France is one of the biggest airline carriers of France and amongst the top leading airlines of the world. The airline serves more than 40 million passengers every year and operates flights in more than 175 destinations around the globe. When you buy Air France miles from mileage brokers, you can book flights and fly for cheap and also receive miles for that flight too. Flying with Air France is an amazing experience as the in-flight facilities provided are of outstanding quality.


When flying with Air France, make sure you are a member of the Flying Blue club and take advantage of their various benefits. Purchase Air France miles from mileage brokers, book tickets and fly for cheap and earn miles on that flight too! And the cycle continues. Make the most of the miles you have accumulated and fly off to your destination with Air France.